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Professional Internship Program and Postgraduate Research Program. The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) offers opportunities to participate in energy-related research through three highly competitive internships and research fellowship programs managed by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), a U.S. Department of Energy institute managed by ORAU. NETL, with three primary locations in Albany, OR; Morgantown, WV; and Pittsburgh, PA, is the only national laboratory owned and operated by the United States Department of Energy. Its mission is to strengthen our nation's security, to improve our nation's environment, and to advance energy options that fuel our nation's economy. To complement NETL's mission, ORISE educational programs help to ensure that NETL has a robust supply of scientists and engineers to meet its future science and technology needs. The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), which is owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), is part of a larger national laboratory system. NETL supports the DOE mission to advance the energy security of the United States by implementing a broad spectrum of energy and environmental research and development (R&D) programs that will return benefits for generations to come, such as: Enabling domestic coal, natural gas, and oil to economically power our Nation's homes, industries, businesses, and transportation. Protecting our environment and enhancing our energy independence. NETL has expertise in coal, natural gas, and oil technologies; contract and project management; analysis of energy systems; and international energy issues. In addition to research conducted onsite, NETL's project portfolio includes R&D conducted through partnerships, cooperative research and development agreements, financial assistance, and contractual arrangements with universities and the private sector. Together, these efforts focus a wealth of scientific and engineering talent on creating commercially viable solutions to national energy and environmental problems.


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Bachelors degree (not currently enrolled), Masters, PhD, Undergraduate, Recently Graduated

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Other: Engineering, physical sciences, mathematics, computer science, environmental science, materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering, geology, physics, statistics

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Research Grant

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Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education


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Terry Howard

ORISE Program Specialist




P.O. Box 117 MS-36,
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-0117
United States